Alga ebony

Luxury Washbasins

Simple ultralight appearance

SN: 330174
Size: 54cm x 37cm x 9cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 6 kg

Luxury Wooden Washbasins

Delicate shape is due to a fine-drawn edges.

Each one of our luxury washbasins we make of beech wood, tinted in teak color. As You can see above, on top of every washbasin there is a cover. We covered with ebony this particular item-one of the hardest and most expensive trees. At the same time high-end quality and unique design provides luxury finish of our washbasins. Our washbasins are timelessly elegant, inimitable, natural warm. All these features are equally important for us. You buy exactly the washbasin that you see in the picture. Finally we would like to mention that exactly this model was awarded during 2018 Bathroom Industry Forum.  For more information about price and availability of our luxury washbasins feel free to contact us.


top layer ebony
drain valve click-clack
warranty 10 years
shipping 3 days after payment worldwide