A – 23 layers of protection allow for a great visual effect and full protection against water. It is the longest stage of the production process

B – exotic wood top layer that can be selected

C – cross-glued beech wood layers with a thickness of less than 1.5mm allow for maximum resistance to deformation related to changing temperatures during use. This prevents the paint from cracking and gives you the certainty of long-term use without problems

Production & Warranty

The production using this technology takes 14 weeks. We pay attension to all details to obtain a a product both beautiful and functional. Choosing our washbasins and baths you get a combination of first-class craft and luxury. By buying our products you enter the elite group of people who appreciate at the same time the natural beauty of wood and the elegance of the finish. Let our products inspire you to create the perfect ambience. Szkilnik Design company provides a 10-year warranty on its products.