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Can I customize the product?

Of course, yes, the customer can choose the type of wood on the flat surface of the basin and the color for the basin or bathtub.

How is the basin protected from water and UV rays?

23 layers of protection allow for a great visual effect and full protection against water. Covering with all layers is the longest stage of the production process. The lacquers used fully protect against UV radiation and color change or fade of the washbasin. The preparations used also ensure that the coating does not turn yellow. Read about technology.

How are wood sinks and tubs designed to prevent warping associated with hot water use, which negatively affects the durability of the varnish?

Cross-glued layers of beech wood with a thickness of less than 1.5 mm allow for maximum resistance to deformation related to temperature changes during use. In addition, special varnishes have been selected and cured to be sufficiently flexible. This prevents cracking of the protective layers and ensures long-term use without problems. Szkilnik Design provides a 10-year warranty. Read about technology.

What is the warranty on Szkilnik Design products?

Szkilnik Design provides a 10-year warranty.

Won’t the hot water damage the washbasin?

Product for use with a maximum temperature of 80 degrees of Celsius (176F). The American Academy of Pediatrics identifies young children at risk for accidental hot tap water (HTW) burns and recommends that HTW temperatures be set no higher than 49 degrees C (120 degrees F).

How to maintain sinks?

The cleaning of our wooden washbasin/bath is very simple because of its smooth surface. For the everyday cleaning You should take a soft cloth or a microfibre cloth and wipe the washbasin. Never use sponges or cloths that could scratch the surface itself. You can clean washbasin a soft sponge or cloth soaked in liquid soap bathroom cleaner. You mustn’t use abrasive sponge or any abrasive cleaning products, especially those containing solid particles. If You see a layer of lime, it can easily be removed with a bathroom cleaner or vinegar mixed with water. Read about maintenance.

Can I use the sink in the kitchen?

No, the washbasin can only be used in the bathroom as it is not designed for high temperatures such as hot oil, boiling water, sharp knifes.


What information should I input when ordering?

When placing an individual order please send an e-mail with the following information:
– name of the washbasin(s), bath(s)
type of wood on the flat surface (top layer) of the washbasin
– shipping address
In return message you will receive information about the payment and the expected date of production and shipment of the goods.
For washbasins production time is about 14 weeks and bathtub 20 weeks.

What are the prices?

EXW net prices for our countertop and freestanding sinks start at around $2500 to $8000, bathtubs from $27,000 to $42,000. If you are interested in more information, please contact us by email.

What is the production time for an order?

Order processing time is calculated from payment and is approximately 14 weeks plus shipping time for washbasin and 20 weeks +shipping time for bath.

What payment methods can I use?

SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer


What is the delivery time and type of transportation?

Delivery time depends on the type of transport and destination. Read more

What is the shipping cost for products?

Shipping price for single top mounted washbasin depends on destination and starts from approximately $100 in Europe or from $200 worldwide. They are sent in individual boxes. Freestanding models are usually sent on pallets. Baths or bigger orders are sent in dedicated crates. Please add customs duty if applicable. If you are interested in more information, please contact us by email.

Are shipments insured?

Yes, our shipments are always insured.


Where the company comes from?

Szkilnik Design is a polish company that sell washbasins all around the globe and takes part in international shows in Dubai, USA, Germany, Brussels, Russia, France, Netherlands, London, Singapore and other countries.

What is your Return Policy?

Within fourteen days of receiving the purchased products, you have the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. Applies to finished products available in our store.
The right to withdraw from the contract and return without giving any reason does not apply if the goods have been made to individual customer order.

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