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Elegant liquid wood


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wooden washbasin mounted on the wall
Gull washbasin installed in award-winning Wormhouse home project by German Design Award Special 2018

Combine fire with water

– a challenge of the highest level. Konrad Szkilnik tried to do something similar, launching wooden washbasins on the market. The test of strength with the water element ended successfully.

Konrad Szkilnik | Szkilnik Design

Form in layers

The first surprise – the shape. These washbasins catch the eye with their geometry, soft lines or distinctively accented folds. Sometimes they evoke flat shells, discus rings or a water whirlpool.

Wooden washbasin Cascade
Wooden bathroom sink Cascade

The second surprise – growing layers, radially arranged stripes as if in the cross-section of a sedimentary rock, are created thanks to the use of wood. We can see its rings in each of the Szkilnik Design washbasins. Except that the washbasin does not feel like wood-it is smooth, slippery and glossy. Like glass or porcelain. Only the porcelain is a warm amber or deep black color.

– We give our washbasins modern shapes, but each time we expose the material, namely wood. These are modern, light forms,” says Konrad Szkilnik, the designer and owner of the company.

– Usually, when we hear about wooden washbasins, they are oiled products that require constant maintenance. Our washbasins, thanks to their smooth, varnished surface, are easy to maintain. Just remember not to clean them with scouring powders or pastes.

High-gloss wood

The company is relatively young, operating on the Polish market since 2010. At first it realized individual orders in the field of wood and plastic processing, but with time and growing experience Konrad Szkilnik was looking for a product that would combine the “ordinary” and natural material, which is wood, and at the same time surprise with its form.

wooden washbasin cascade
Cascade bathroom sink

– People are used to wooden countertops, furniture, kitchen and accessories. The wooden washbasin is an extension of the offer to use this material in a space that is quite unusual for it, which is the bathroom – he emphasizes. And the high-gloss finish of the washbasins makes them an ideal complement to most arrangements – they are a decoration for both classic bathrooms and those finished with increasingly popular architectural concrete, adding warmth characteristic of wood.

In fact, Szkilnik Design washbasins began to be presented on a wider scale since the end of 2016. As of 2017, there are nine countertop models and a freestanding washbasin in the permanent offer. The vast majority of the products go to private interiors, but the company establishes business contacts with architects and contractors as well as bathroom showrooms both in the country and in Europe, gradually expanding its distribution network.

Gulf wooden washbasin
Gull wooden bath sink

From honey brown to deep black

All models are Szkilnik Design’s own designs, developed with the use of CAD system and modified many times so that the customer gets a product that will not only delight him but also be practical.

The production process is divided into several stages: first the layered gluing of wood and initial processing. The basis is beech wood, the finish – exotic wood. At this point, the multi-day work on each individual washbasin begins. – I call it hand work, although of course it is done by machines. But it’s a tedious process requiring great care and attention, – says Konrad Szkilnik. The mold is sanded and prepared for staining. It is at this stage that the wood gains its unique color, which is one of its assets.

Wooden sink Delta
Delta wooden washbasin in dark blue color

Then, after staining, the wood is impregnated and at the very end repeatedly varnished. Production of one model in a series takes 12 to 14 weeks. The selection of products used in the production cycle is the result of years of research and the company’s secret to achieving the final result.

wooden bath sink made by Szkilnik Design
Firth model wooden wasshbasin awarded Good Design 2018

When asked about the most popular models, Konrad Szkilnik points out that it is difficult to clearly define. A lot depends on the region the customer comes from, but also on their decision – whether they prefer an arrangement with one large basin or two smaller ones. He himself has his pick: the beveled, black Delta, the flat and oval Firth and the rectangular Krill.

Bathtub set

Best of IBS Award, Orlando 2022

Best IBS Awards

Washbasins are currently the most represented, but not the most important product of the collection. The Szkilnik Design brand is gradually expanding its offer to include other interior design elements. From 2019, a collection consisting of a bathtub in 2 sizes and a washbasin is available in the permanent offer. Szkilnik Design, as with previous projects, wants to shine with solidity, delight with shape. Which is not easy.

– Designing washbasins is much simpler: you know what the center is supposed to look like, what requirements it has to meet in order for water to flow properly and not splash around. Thanks to this, you can go crazy on the outside. On the other hand, in a bathtub the shape must have a practical function, it must be comfortable, but at the same time it must attract attention with its shape – Szkilnik emphasizes.

Szkilnik Design tries to present itself regularly both at construction fairs as well as those related to design or interior design. The company has recently presented its products in Las Vegas, Dubai, Moscow and Rotterdam. Szkilnik Design is the official partner of the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, where the washbasins have been installed in the VIP area.


In 2022 it will be a participant of IBS fair in Orlando where we has been named a 2022 Best of IBS Awards finalist.

Szkilnik Design