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Maintenance Bath

Care instruction:

The cleaning of our wooden washbasin/bath is very simple because of its smooth surface. For the everyday cleaning You should take a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth and wipe the washbasin. Never use rough sponges or cloths that could scratch the surface.

You can clean washbasin a soft sponge or cloth soaked in liquid soap bathroom cleaner. You mustn’t use abrasive sponge or any abrasive cleaning products, especially those containing solid particles.

If You see a layer of lime, it can easily be removed with a bathroom cleaner or vinegar mixed with water. Product for use with a maximum temperature of 80 degrees of Celsius (176F).

Our wooden bathtubs and sinks do not require any additional maintenance. Just like washing an acrylic bathtub or car.

Several months of production time (see production process) secures the tub for several decades of trouble-free use.

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