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Wooden Bath protection


Technology: system protection
Szkilnik Design Protection System 23
layers protection

A – 23 layers of protection allow for a great visual effect and full protection against water. It is the longest stage of the production process

exotic wood

B – exotic wood top layer that can be selected

cross glued wood

C – cross-glued beech wood layers with a thickness of less than 1.5mm allow for maximum resistance to deformation related to changing temperatures during use. This prevents the paint from cracking and gives you the certainty of long-term use without problems


The manufacturing process is an elaborate technological process. It consists of many stages.

First stage

The first stage:

  • preparation of the material for gluing
  • gluing in the press
  • shape milling
  • sanding the wood
Second stage

Second stage:

Third stage

Third stage
(repeated 23 times)

  • painting
  • drying
Fourth stage

Fourth stage

  • polishing

Manufacturing time:

  • bathtub 20 weeks
  • sink 14 weeks


Bathtubs and sinks come with a 10-year warranty.

Wooden washbasin Alga Double
Alga Double
Wooden sink Lagoon
Drain wooden sink
Szkilnik Design